10 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Travel More


Travel can change our lives. While traveling, we meet people and get to know and discover new places. It also educates us about different cultures, their way of life, and politics. Travel can be the best education for humans. Nowadays, thanks to technology and advances in transportation, we can experience a destination in a lot of ways.

We can fly, cruise, take a train, drive, and even just visit a park or a place in our city and feel renewed and ready for the next trip. It’s good to be home sometimes, but take advantage of the world. Get out and travel. Looking for a little inspiration to plan your next trip? Here are some quotes that will light up your desire to travel.

#1-  “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

#2- “Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.” Anonymous

#3-  “To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

#4-   “Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.” Anonymous

#5-  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

#6- “Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from travel’s immediate rewards, the inevitable myriad new sights, smells, and sounds, but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently what we believed to be the right and only way.” – Ralph Crawshaw

#7- “People don’t take trips . . . trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

#8- “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends… The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy

#9-  “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

#10-   “Collect moments. Not things.” Aarti Khurana

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