A Tourist Favorite: Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is, without doubt, a very popular destination and part of many peoples’ bucket lists. Kids and adults are always amazed by the wonder of this gift from mother nature. During our stop in Port Colborne, our tour will include a visit to Niagara Falls. We will board the Hornblower and experience an up-close view and feel of the Falls.

The origin of this wonder is very interesting, according to Niagara Parks: “The Niagara River and the entire Great Lakes Basin of which it is a part is a legacy of the last Ice Age. 18,000 years ago, Southern Ontario was covered by ice sheets two to three kilometers thick. As the ice sheets advanced southward, they gouged out the basins of the Great Lakes. Then as they melted northward for the last time, they released vast quantities of meltwater into these basins. Our water is “fossil water.” Less than one percent of it is renewable on an annual basis, the rest leftover from the ice sheets.”


Here, A Few Facts To Know Before Experiencing This Amazing Destination.

#1-  View the Falls: The Falls can be viewed during the day or night at the Table Rock Welcome Center. A more up close viewing is on the Hornblower during the day, which is how our guests can enjoy the mist and beauty of the Falls. Visitors can take the visit to another level by booking a helicopter ride.

#2- Did you know the stunning Niagara River is a connecting channel between two Great Lakes, Erie, and Ontario?

#3- They don’t freeze!: During our tour of the Niagara Falls, I asked one of our tour guides about the winters in the area. He mentioned that the Falls barely freeze, but the snow makes the view a magical one.

#4- They illuminate every night: The viewing is not reserved for the daytime, you can see them during the night and often they have colors reversed for special occasions or charity.

#5- The water at the Niagara River is used by approximately one million people from Canada and the United States for drinking and recreation, among other uses.



Get ready for the pictures, videos and a memorable visit to Niagara Falls. Take a look at Victory Sailing Dates in Port Colborne.