Five Advantages Of A Small Cruise You Should Know

Five Advantages Of A Small Cruise


Usually, when we think about cruising, we imagine a big ship with thousands of people and long lines. A small vessel, however, gives you the chance to move around easily and explore the ship in no time. Now, imagine if that small cruise has the best food, desserts and unlimited wine?  If that isn’t enough, it also offers extraordinary excursions where you can learn and explore the culture and hidden gems of every city.  That and more is what Victory Cruise Lines has to offer on our incredible voyages to The Great Lakes, Cuba, and Mexico. Get to know all the great advantages of small cruising with us!


#1- You can make friends easily:

While cruising in a small vessel, you have the advantage of knowing and recognizing almost everybody in a few days. Also, you have the opportunity of sharing a table, being together on tours and sharing a few drinks during cocktail hour. You never know, maybe your next best friend is waiting for you on your next Victory Experience to Mexico, Cuba or The Great Lakes.

#2- Unique experiences:

Our ship can go to ports that others can’t. You can explore unique places and spend more time with the locals. We offer tours on each stop and you have the opportunity to explore around the port before leaving. We have morning and afternoon tours, and usually, passengers return to the ship for lunch. You have the option to skip the afternoon tour and make your own plans. Maybe stay on the ship and relax or just walk around.

#3- You can sit, relax and enjoy our delicious food:

Our cuisine is unique and a big part of the Victory Experience. Dinner time is the perfect opportunity to savor dishes made with the best ingredients while enjoying an interesting conversation with your fellow travelers. Every night, our chef offers his best creations. Let’s not forget the desserts, a perfect touch of sweetness to end a wonderful meal. Take your time and enjoy every bite.

#4- Uncrowded:

One of the advantages of small cruising is that you don’t have to worry about long lines and big groups of people. Everything is easy: getting a table in one of our restaurants, grabbing a drink at the Tavern, getting your coffee and moving around the vessel. We curated every tour to make sure you will live a unique and immersive experience like no other.

#5- Exciting destinations:

On Victory I and Victory II, you will be able to explore different and exciting destinations. Experience the wonder of Niagara Falls, enjoy historical experiences like a horse-drawn carriage ride in Mackinac Island, experience a private sunrise in Chichen Itza or a cleansing by a Mayan shaman in Nolo. Relish in the intimate cultural experiences from the past and connect with the experts who know the most about them. Experience pyramids and basilicas in ways no one has before with Victory Cruise Lines. In Cuba, we offer more shore experience time than any other cruise!

Get to know more of the advantages of small cruising with us. Learn more about our wonderful voyages by visiting or give us a call at 1-888 -907-2636 and we will gladly answer any questions about your next vacation with us.