Five Essential Stops While Visiting Miami



Miami is a city like no other. Even though it has a variety of cultures from different countries, most of Miami’s population comes from Spanish speaking countries. So, it’s totally normal on any given day to hear everybody speaking Spanish everywhere. Before visiting the city, make sure to know some basic Spanish like “quiero cafecito” which means I want coffee, and “gracias”, as thank you.

Food is a big part of the city as well. All the cultures combines are giving us delicious flavors to discover. It is very easy to find food from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru and Spain everywhere. The pastelitos, croquetas, tequeños, and empanadas are a must for Miami residents during the morning or mid-afternoon with a cafecito.

When visiting Miami, there are a few stops that you can’t miss. Here are a few essential spots you should visit while in the Magic City.

#1- Calle 8 In Little Havana

The heart of the Cuban community in Miami will welcome you with a Mojito, Cuba Libre, and salsa music. There, you will find a few places that you’ll love: The Tower Theater, one of Miami’s oldest cultural landmarks, and Azucar, an ice cream place where you can find unique flavors like sweet plantain and dulce de leche. Across the street is The Domino Park, where you’ll be able to watch people playing this game, a popular one in a lot Spanish speaking countries. We’ve named just a few spots of the many that Calle Ocho has to offer.

#2- Wynwood

This neighborhood has become the spot to experience art. What started as a small project to open a few galleries and painting some murals, is now a complete area full of artists, beautiful murals, restaurants, and more. Every second Saturday of the month, the neighborhood celebrates Art Walk, where people can walk, enjoy art, food, and the vibrant atmosphere of a Saturday night in Miami.

#3- The Freedom Tower


Considered the “Ellis Island of the South,” this is where Cubans looking for political asylum from the Castro regime used to come to get assistance with health care, housing, finances, and education. The Freedom Tower is the place where thousands of refugees started their new lives in the US. Today, the space is used as an exhibition space and gallery.


#4- Design District


The district is full of fashion, architecture, art, and design. Here, visitors will find the most exclusive stores and restaurants. If you enjoy art, you can’t miss The de la Cruz Collection, a private collection from the couple Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, which they started in 1980. The impressive collection features the best contemporary art. You can visit the collection for free, and usually, a guide will follow visitors around the gallery to answer any questions.


#5- Little Haiti


Miami is the home of a large Haitian population. According to estimates, more than 100,000 Haitians live in Miami. It’s in this neighborhood where you can find restaurants and the Little Haiti Cultural Center where the community celebrates their culture. Looking for some African Dance lessons? The Center offers classes every Sunday afternoon.

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