Four Reasons To Love An Immersive And All-Inclusive Cruise



“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”  –Pat Conroy 

There’s no doubt that travel is the best medicine. It gives us the scenic changes to discover, wonder, and think about life. Also, getting a break from our routine is always good. At Victory Cruise Lines, we offer immersive experiences where our guests can learn more about each destination.

For example, you can experience a horse-drawn carriage ride in Mackinac Island, a cleansing by a Mayan Shaman in Nolo, a visit to a Basilica in Montreal, have the chance to explore Havana, and discover the charm of Cleveland, among others. These are only a few of the great experiences we offer on our wonderful voyages.

During our all-inclusive cruises, our guests will be able to live moments they’ll cherish forever. Here are some of the reasons to love destination travel:

#1- Make New Friends

You never know when life can bring you a new friend. During one of our travel experiences is a great time to make friends. You get to share interests and long conversations over a delicious dinner or a cocktail. If you are traveling solo, chances are you won’t be unaccompanied for long on our ship.

#2- Talk With The Locals

There’s no better way to learn the history and the way of life of a place than by talking with the locals. During our tours, you will have enough time to meet locals, and in some ports, you will have the option to explore the destinations by yourself. This is a great opportunity to sit at a bar or coffee shop and spend time at the destination.

#3- Taste And Enjoy The Food

bout a place through their food. Even on our ship, the chef makes sure to incorporate local ingredients in each dinner. Next time you travel, research the popular ingredients and be sure to taste the local flavors.

#4- New Places

Our ships, The Victory I and Victory II, visit ports and destinations that are unreachable for larger ships carrying thousands of people. With us, you will be able to experience wonderful new places and move around easily. No lines and all tours included.

Explore, walk, and discover new places that will amaze you. Join one of our cruises and experience a destination cruise like no other. We offer a Victory Voyage to satisfy everyone’s adventure craving: Great Lakes Grand Discovery Cruise, Cuba 360∞, Yucatan Cruise and Land Safari, French Canada and The Great Lakes Cruise. Visit for more.