La Casa De Los Venados: A Magical Place Full Of Mexican Folk Art


Casa de Los Venados, located in Valladolid, Mexico is a private home with more than 3,000 pieces of Mexican art. This charming place is a national cultural tourism asset and is the largest museum-quality collection of Mexican folk and contemporary art in private hands. La Casa de Los Venados and the entire collection, belongs John and Dorianne Venator, an American couple who fell in love with Mexico and its culture.



The House

The place opens its doors to visitors every day at 10 am and offers a tour in English and Spanish. They also open the house to host different cultural events. This incredible place is a must-see while in Valladolid. The lovely space has art on every corner, and a lot of the art is dedicated to the day of the dead, an important tradition in Mexican culture.

In 2000, the couple acquired the house, which was the town mayor’s house 400 years ago. After the acquisition in 2000, it took about 8 years to remodel the property. This house is a treasure for visitors and the people of Mexico. Even though it is a private collection, they believe in sharing it with the public.



La Casa de Los Venados is the perfect place to know more about art, the history of the place, and Valladolid. The entrance fee is a small donation and those funds go to a foundation to help the people in need in Valladolid.

During our visit, we loved every minute of it. We were amazed by all the art, colors, and the vibrant vibe of the space. As a preview of everything you will see, take a look at some of the lovely pieces you will find while visiting La Casa.

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