Mexican Cuisine: A Treasure To Everyone That Loves Food


Tacos, chiles, avocados, flautas, enchiladas…who doesn’t love Mexican food? The flavors and ingredients make every bite a unique experience. Each region of Mexico offers different dishes and techniques with flavors like no other.

It is believed that authentic Mexican food is derived from the Mayans and Aztecs, with a big influence from Spain. Today, the great use of ingredients and techniques is what makes Mexican food so delicious and popular around the world.

When visiting Mexico a big part of the experience is to enjoy the authentic Mexican cuisine and flavors. Let’s explore some dishes that will be part of your next adventure while in Mexico.

Mexican Food


Cochinita Pibil

This is one of the most famous dishes of the Yucatan region. A pulled pork shoulder marinated and braised in achiote paste, orange juice, and lime. As you can imagine, that combination of ingredients results in one of the most delicious dishes from Mexican cuisine. It has a Pre-Hispanic origin and combines Mayan tradition and European influences.


Al pastor, carnitas, mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, barbacoa, fish, corn, chorizo… the tacos are full of flavor and textures. According to a piece in the Smithsonian, “The origin of tacos is unknown but it dates from the 18th century and the silver mines in Mexico because in those mines the word “taco” referred to the little charges they would use to excavate the ore.” The good thing is that you can find tacos in every corner in México and in almost all countries around the world.


This traditional dish is always a great idea for Sunday brunch. The chilaquiles consist of fried corn tortillas bathed in green or red salsa and usually garnished with crema, onions, queso fresco, and avocado slices. To make it better, you can add chicken, pork, steak, or eggs. Once you try chilaquiles, they’ll be your go-to comfort food.


And don’t forget the tequila and mezcal, a must have with every Mexican dish. A great way to explore Mexico is through the food. With a few questions, you can discover the origins and traditions of this wonderful country.

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